From a Supporter

Dear Bob,
I can't tell you how much I believe in why you and your dear are doing it right. Great job.  We so firmly believe this that we have been putting all our time in the last years in training National pastors in Mexico.  May God give you all the strength and support that you need...Blessings on you,  

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From a Pastoral Trainee in San Carlos, Negros Oriental, Philippines

"Thank you for this basic common-sense material on pastoral care.  Thank you also for making us dig in the scriptures to find the answers ourselves.  You are not just teaching us, but teaching us how to learn and how to teach others!"

My Interview With Abraham Haru of Solo Indonesia

In a recent ministry trip to Solo Indonesia, Jim Baugh and I trained 130 pastors and church planters.  Abraham Haru expresses his appreciation for meeting a real need.

My Interview with Sindhu Pani, GTN's Director of GTN India Ministries

Learn about the persecution of believers in Northern India, the work of Global Training Network, and the triumph of the gospel.

Carl Green's Interview with Zambian Pastors

Zambian pastors are extremely grateful for the training they have received from Global Training Network staffers.

The Miraculous Healing of Labani Naik

God is at work around the world as in New Testament days! May I relate to you a story passed on to me by Sindhu Pani GTN's director of India Ministries? This occurred in the village of Jani Sahi-Dasapalla and was also recently featured in the GTN Newsletter.


“One lady named Labani Naik is about 65 years old and has three sons. She was paralyzed for many months. Her sons tried their level best to treat their mom. They took her to three different hospitals and spent about $1500 (a huge amount for a laborer in India) But whatever money they spent on her medical treatment, the doctors told them that it is better that you take your mom back home instead of spending lots of money on her.  She will never walk again and will not survive much longer. She should go home and die peacefully. After trying everything, the sons approached the Christian churches in their area. One of our pastors, P.K. Das, from Orissa prayed earnestly for her.  God answered his prayer and she was completely healed! On January 17, 2010, the day that church dedicated its new building, she came alone on foot without even a walking stick. The doctor who came and examined her told the family members,  "My brothers, I could not heal your mother. Our medicines could not heal her. Your money could not heal her. But your Jesus, who is the real God has healed her!"  As a result, many of the people in the villages are beginning to attend church and heed the gospel message.”  Here in educated, sophisticated America, we see very few genuine examples of Gods power in healing a person. But throughout the developing world stories of Gods supernatural intervention are much more prevalent. On the cutting edge of the gospel, the story of Acts continues.


“With men this is impossible, but with God, all things are possible.” (Matthew 11:26)