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With results like these… IN HIS GRIP, November 2022
Here’s what God has done. What will he do in 2023?
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2023 Sneak Peek, IN HIS GRIP, September-October 2022
What's ahead for Bob and Eileen?
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Renewing Old Friendships, IN HIS GRIP, August 2022
In life, things change. What priority are you placing on friendships?
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The Power of Listening, IN HIS GRIP, July 2022
You have the power to bless others with your presence and attention alone.
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The School of Peace, IN HIS GRIP, June 2022
How do you find peace when the day brings stress?
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The Thrill of Theology, IN HIS GRIP, April/May 2022
What happens when we really get to know God?
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All Good Things... IN HIS GRIP, March, 2022
God provides what we need to keep on keeping on.
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Need I say More? IN HIS GRIP, Feb 2022
What does God do when we act in obedience and love?
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Out of Control, IN HIS GRIP, January 2022
The world feels out of control. How should we respond?
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The Comfort of Christmas, IN HIS GRIP, December 2021
In an uncertain world, Christmas provides us with certainty.
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Great Things He has Done! IN HIS GRIP, November 2021
Praising God for what He has done and for what He will do!
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Morning Madness! IN HIS GRIP, September/October 2021
What guidance does God give us as we prioritize our time?
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Building the Future, IN HIS GRIP, July/Aug 2021
What are you building for God?
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God Changes Our Plans, IN HIS GRIP, June 2021
What do you do when you can’t do what you wanted to do?
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The Resurrection Relevance, IN HIS GRIP, April 2021
We know Jesus rose from the dead, but how does it change things?
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Safety: Humbug, IN HIS GRIP, March 2021
What happens when safety becomes an end in itself?
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Spiritual Warfare, IN HIS GRIP, February 2021
Can the love of Christ overcome the schemes of the evil one?
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2021: A Better Perspective, IN HIS GRIP, January 2021
How can we find hope in the midst of uncertainty?
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Victory Through Adversity IN HIS GRIP, December 2020
It’s been a tough year but there is reason to celebrate!
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The Spirit of Thanksgiving, IN HIS GRIP, November 2020
Shifting our attention and changing out attitude.
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October Surprises, IN HIS GRIP, October 2020
Life is filled with nasty surprises. Where do we turn for guarantees?
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Looking Forward to 2021, IN HIS GRIP, September 2020
What has God done and what does He have in store?
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Now is the Time to Pray! IN HIS GRIP, August 2020
Let’s discover for ourselves how God answers prayer!
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Bigger than Life Itself, IN HIS GRIP, July 2020
What values are worth dying for?
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Fear Not! IN HIS GRIP, June 2020
The world says, ‘Be Afraid.’ God says, ‘Fear Not.’
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Reconciled! IN HIS GRIP, May 2020
What happens when we are reconciled to God?
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What do we do when there is nothing we can do?
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March Madness, IN HIS GRIP, March 2020
What happens when we stop giving God credit?
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It Ain't Over 'til It’s Over, IN HIS GRIP, Feb 2020
What are you doing with the fourth quarter of your life?
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Vision 2020, IN HIS GRIP, January 2020
What will God do in a new year and a new decade?
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The Thanksgiving Season, IN HIS GRIP, December 2019
Thanksgiving is not just a holiday. It’s a way of life.
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Contributing to the Debate, IN HIS GRIP, Oct/Nov 2019
You have an opinion, but with what spirit do you express it?
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Brilliant in the Basics, IN HIS GRIP, September 2019
What are the foundational truths we need for Christian living?
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Unsettling Faith, IN HIS GRIP, August 2019
Faith can be comforting, but frequently it stirs things up.
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News of the Edmondsons, IN HIS GRIP, July 2019
An overview of the Edmondsons' ministry
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In Light of These Things… IN HIS GRIP, May/June 2019
In the face of growing persecution, how should we live?
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Internal Combustion, IN HIS GRIP, April 2019
How do you measure change in a person’s life?
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Perfect Peace During March Mayhem, IN HIS GRIP, March 2019
How can we find perfect peace in the midst of a marathon month like March?
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What does it mean to be a Pilgrim? IN HIS GRIP, February 2019
In addition to a “Big-Picture” assessment of GTN’s ministry this past year, I’m offering some thoughts on being a pilgrim in an increasingly strange land.
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